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A huge lesson bank of CTE resources here:  You can search 11,278 videos across all CTE content areas as. Well as 16,747 lessons.

Industry Partners Provide resource links at (scroll down):  Lots of INDUSTRIAL TECH content

Math, Science, Health Science.... Relevant, timely, and a good overview of why we are going through what we are going through...     This video produced by the folks at 3Blue One Brown. - they have a great collection of relevant math videos.

PD for Teachers on providing Virtual Learning - Free and self paced - The National Research Center for CTE referenced this Georgia resource

NOCTI offers up this sheet of resources (some free, some with a modest fee)

The NextGen Personal Finance Video Library resource page can be accessed (without even registering which is free) and links to a variety of videos on personal finance topics

Social Media Marketing Curriculum - Free!

The US Small Business Administration has a variety of free on-line curriculum:

30 Excel Shortcuts in 12 Minutes - video tutorial:

Financial Education Resources

How to teach kids about money... there is also a glossary of financial terms found on this site.


From the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education….

This page has 10 projects and lessons instructors can implement on-line immediately

On-Line Curriculum and How to Use Guide:  The Texas Beef Council has designed lessons around the. Raw Truth About Beef

 The PDF has many links and a how to use guide

With a few exceptions.... these are IT targeted lessons from the CTE online bank:


Virtual Learning Resources Page  


The Home Builders Institute and National Association of Home Builders have launched free on-line curriculum and resources.  Information here:

Instructions found on here:

FACS/Early Childhood

Our friend Luke Allen shared these... more. to come from FONA (Flavors of North America, INC) is creating a video series to teach about food science,
About Food Flavors
Science behind taste and smell (video & lesson handout) 


The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association is currently offering their Plumbing and Heating and Cooling Pre-Apprenticeship course at no cost. Information here:


A facebook group of FACS teachers has created a google doc to share distance learning ideas.  You can contact the owner to request editing rights.

TED talks for students.... listen and reflect.  Someone was kind enough to compile a list they thought  students should hear.  Disclaimer: I have found TED talks to be a great resource and have used a number of them in PD and presentations at conferences.  I have not yet screened these.....

IACTE Reources from. May 5 2020 Email -  A variety of links with explanations:

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