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IACTE 2020 Education and Employment In the New Economy

Apprenticeship Information Booklet

IACTE 2017 Portfolio Presentation in 3 parts

Vision 2018 Presentation - Workforce Realities and Educational Practices

Connections 2015 Adolescent Brain & Classroom Implications

Brian Gordon looks at Brain Research and classroom implications.  This presentations incorporates a handful of sample assessments with higher level thinking in mind.  The live presentation is filled with video and a Kahoot quiz "pop ups".  This presentation looks at the importance of movement, student engagement, why lecture does not work for most students, and the importance of relationship in the "art of teaching".

How to Convince Your Superintendent

Your CTE Program is Worthwhile

TREES Executive Board Member and Wilmington Superintendent Mr. Jay Plese presented on this topic at IACTE 2014.  Bulleted summary sheet on left, Power Point on right.

Can You Make The Cut?

Portfolio Development in the Danielson Era

Smart Card Presentation

Neal and Brian's presentation for the Midwest Transportation Workforce Summit in Madison, WI - December, 2015.  We were asked to present on our work with the "skills gap" and workforce needs.  This is a fine tuned and updated version of our existing presentation with a more TDL and business oriented twist to the presentation.  As always, it is our goal to build that bridge between workforce needs and common sense education policy.

Connections 2015 Skills Your Students Need For Employment

Why are K-12 curriculum and career readiness for students "profoundly disconnected" in the words of Mike Rowe?  This presentation by Neal and Brian at Connections 2015 deals with Economic realities and workforce needs as well as providing an analysis of how industry screening exams align with common core standards.  After seeing what industry actually needs and is looking for, you will see why we are profoundly disconnected.

School to Apprenticeship in the TREES Region

We are very fortunate to have a strong working relationship with the skilled trades.  One result of this relationship is the School to Apprenticeship "STA" program available to TREES region students.  Neal and Brian were asked to showcase the STA program at IACTE 2015. 

Building A Skilled Workforce

Neal and Brian's recent presentation to the Guidance Counselors in the region.  Links to the skilled trades contacts are found in a later slide.

Authentic Common Core Assessment in CTE

Brian Gordon and Mary Water's updated this version for IACTE 2015.  Sample questions Brian prepared for teacher workshop in trainings are woven in from lessons developed by TREES region teachers.  CTE curriculum is rich with common core standards and this presentation shows many examples.

Fracking - The Transformation of the Energy Landscape

Neal Kauffman takes a look at the energy industry in America today and the tremendous opportunity for jobs to return to our country as a result of very low energy costs compared to most nations.  Neal's background in the Energy Industry and research result in an informative and thought provoking presentation.

Authentic CTE Assessment in the Common Core -Connections '14

Mary Waters and Brian Gordon presented this interactive walk through authentic CTE assessments. Conversation centered around the paralells between authentic assessment and the new PARCC assessment process.  Conversation also centered around how industry expectations are more consistent with PARCC than current assessment practices.

STEM Employment - The skills our students actually need

This version presented By Neal and Brian at IACTE 2014 - It deals with Economic realities and workforce needs as well as providing an analysis of how industry screening exams align with common core standards.

Contextualized Math is Brain Friendly

This version was presented at VALEES in-service day and is a variation on Luke Allen and Brian Gordon's presentation at the IASBO Conference.  This presentation included a hands on activity and plenty of informal discussion. 

This Is Your Brain On School

Brian first presented this at Connections 2012.  While much is lost from the live presentation (as this is filled with video and quiz "pop ups"),  The information is important for planning meaningful learning experiences for students.

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