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Video Resources We Like

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  Please contact TREES if link is "broken".

Mike Rowe testifies on the Energy Sector and the Skilled Trades on April 29, 2014.

Success In the New Economy - Thought provoking and insightful - although I would use BLS workforce data.

Mike Rowe testifies - The Economy, Skilled Trades, and

"Vocational" Education

Sir Ken Robinson -

"Do Schools Kill Creativity?" Absolutely Brilliant

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

"The Entitlement Creed"

3:33 Every student

should see

60 Minutes Clip - 3 Million good jobs available and unfilled due to the skills gap

Other Resources

We just hosted our first NGSS in CTE workshop.  You can find the Next Generation Science Standards by clicking the logo. There is a terrific natural tie in to CTE.

Grant Wiggins has Updated his more relevant than ever "Abolish the Diploma" article.  Click Grant's image to go there.

A great article from the Fabricator.  Where the Best Welders Go and Why.  This disspells a number of misconceptions regarding workforce and education needs.

Mike Rowe's web site has a great info-graphic on the skills gap and a variety of other resources helpful to CTE.  Please check it out.

This is the handout provided at legislative day in the Capitol.  It has pertinent facts about the profound impact CTE has on education.

The 4th Quarter 2014 Will County Economic Update contains information pertaining to the job outlook in our area.

Skills to Pay the Bills is Published by the U.S. Department of Labor and is focused on the "soft skills" necessary for workplace success.  The PDF and video series are found here:


Core Standards Site

Mike Rowe on the Skills Gap

- At Skills USA Competition

Great Curriculum Resources

For an (unfortunately PG - thanks Bill) interesting take on the millions of jobs and the skills gap, search Youtube for Mike Rowe on Bill Maher the "Profound disconnect between educational policy and available high wage jobs."

This handout was recently distributed in our PARCC Assessment Class.  It is an example of Constructed Response questions which encourage critical thinking.  The examples are timely and relevant.

Sample math problem Luke Allen and Brian Gordon presented at School Board conference.  Also used by Neal

and Brian at ACTE Vision.

This info-graphic deals with perceptions and realities of manufacturing industry jobs.

The Brain Rules web site compliments the book used in one of our class offerings.  CTE is Brain Friendly education.

Our friends Scott & Tom with Geometry In Construction's Downloads Page.

TED's Education Specific Site - An incredible resource for a variety of subject areas.

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