TREES has board representation from and working relationships with two ROEs in our Region.


We are also pleased and proud to be associated with Joliet Junior College.  We work with them on a variety of CTE initiatives and appreciate their support.  For More Information on our nation's first Community College, Click their icon.

Welcome to the TREES web site.  Our goal is for this site to be a resource for educators and a place to celebrate success stories from TREES region Schools.


The TREES Administrative Council Meeting will now be conducted via Zoom at 7:30 AM, Thursday, May 27.  Contact Iris in the TREES office if you would like to participate. 

While not currently active, the blog links below will provide you with a general overview of some of our professional development activities.

The TREES I-Pad Blog has links to useful apps used by TREES region instructors.  This resource needs updating, but has some great apps to get you started. Click on the image to go to the blog.

The Effective Instructional Tech Blog was created by TREES Instructors in a Technology Integration Class.  We will offer a similar class in FY '15.