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College & Career Pathway Endorsements

School districts with ISBE approval may award College and Career Pathway Endorsements (CCPE) to high school graduates. These endorsements are sector specific and are organized around seven career sectors:

  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

  • Arts & Communication

  • Finance & Business Services

  • Human & Public Services

  • Health Sciences & Technology

  • Information Technology

  • Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology & Trades

Students achieve endorsements through the completion of an individualized learning plan, a career-focused instructional sequence, and engaging in various professional learning opportunities such as career exploration, Team-Based Challenges, and accumulating 60 hours of industry-specific work experience.

CCPE Resources

Team-Based Challenges & Resources

Team-Based Challenges are Problem-Based Learning activities that are enhanced by three key elements: industry involvement, embedded technical competency, and embedded essential employability skills.

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