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Michelle Stephenson, Administrative Assistant


Brian Gordon, Executive Director 

TREES (Three Rivers Education for Employment System) is located in Joliet, Illinois. TREES oversees grant funds for Career and Technical Education initiatives in our region. We are dedicated to quality classroom instruction and welcome your participation in the wide variety of professional development activities offered in our region. The purpose of this site is to provide information and resources for the advancement of Career and Technical Education.


TREES is one of 56 Education for Employment (EFE) Systems established by the Illinois State Board of Education to administer and coordinate secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE). The major responsibility of an EFE System is to provide both staff and curriculum development for member schools. The TREES Joint Agreement includes 24 high schools, 2 Area Career Centers and Joliet Junior College.


TREES is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education Division of Certificate Renewal as a provider of professional development to assist teachers in obtaining continuing education credit to apply towards their certificate of renewal.


Effective classroom instruction creates an engaging, rigorous, and relevant classroom environment. It is our goal for TREES to assist you in creating this type of classroom for the teachers and students in our region.


Thank you for your efforts on behalf of students.



TREES Intergovernmental Agreement... Electronically Updated FY '21.  Discussion at January '21 Board meeting expressed no imminent desire to make changes/updates.

TREES Meeting Calendar for FY '20

Administrative Council, Executive Board, and P&CC

The TREES governing board is called the Administrative Council, which is comprised of the superintendents of member districts. Traditionally, the Administrative Council meets four times a year. The Executive Committee (officers) of the Administrative Council meet the remaining months.


The Planning & Coordination Council (P&CC) is comprised of the career and technical directors of each member school.


The PDF TREES structure in flowchart form provides a quick visual overview of TREES.


The TREES office is physically located at Joliet Junior College Main Campus. Our offices are on the end of the bridge closest to J-Building.


Education For Life…Works. The Three Rivers Education for Employment System is a collaborative effort dedicated to state-of-the-art learning opportunities to prepare youth and adults for employment and life-long learning. Features of the Three Rivers Education for Employment System shall include: 1. Employer-verified curricula 2. Articulated curricula between education levels 3. State-of-the-art equipment 4. Continuous staff development to upgrade instructional and technical skills of instructors 5. Student services and programs which accommodate student’s interests, abilities, and aptitudes

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