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What is TREES? 

Three Rivers Education for Employment System EFE #100

EFE 100 collaborates with 12 school districts, 2 Career Centers, and Joliet Junior College across Will, Grundy, and Cook Counties to support CTE students within the TREES region. Oversight is provided by the Administrative Council, comprising district superintendents, career center directors, and others, who meet quarterly and monthly. The Planning and Coordination Council (P&CC) further coordinates activities, involving CTE directors, teachers, administrators, and representatives from member districts and Joliet Junior College, meeting from September to May each school year.

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What is an EFE? 

In the 1980s, the Illinois State Board of Education and Legislature created Education for Employment Systems (EFEs) to lead the state's Career and Technical Education (CTE) in fields like Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Science, Health Science, and Technology Education. Illinois has 58 EFE Systems.

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What is CTE? 

In Illinois, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs train students for well-paying, in-demand jobs. They help students develop technical skills, plan for college or work, meet state learning standards, and bridge achievement gaps.

TREES manages more than $4.4 million in federal and state grants for programs like Career and Technical Education Improvement, aimed at enhancing high school CTE programs, and Perkins funds, supporting CTE for special population students.

Our Responsibilities

  • Develop Curriculum & Projects

  • Train teachers, counselors and administrators

  • Assist schools with technology and equipment

  • Enforce fair and effective career education

  • Manage CTE grants & funds for member districts

  • Promote partnerships between schools & businesses

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